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Baby Your Breasts

Ah ha ha ha! The title of this blog post sounds like I am about to talk about celebrities breast feeding their newborns!

(PS: did you see the name of Uma Thurman‘s new baby… Rosalind Arusha Arkadina Altalune Florence Thurman-Busson… I just went cross-eyed.)

While I have definitely come across a few too many pictures of celebs… Ahem, Gwen Stefani (you totally clicked on that link, you pervert! LOL)… Letting their children suck away, like they would a sugar laden lollipop, in public no less, that is NOT what this post is about!

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month if you weren’t already aware… (really, all months should be though)

And roughly 1 in 8 U.S. women will develop invasive breast cancer over the course of her lifetime. Gentlemen, don’t think this type of cancer discriminates based on sex, you guys too have a 1 in 1,000 chance of developing the cancer. (For more statistics on breast cancer, click here).

Obviously breast cancer is no laughing matter. The only time breasts are actually a laughing matter are when they look like this…

Guess Who?!

Alright stop laughing for a second so you can take a minute to remember those who have be affected by breast cancer, whether it be you, a loved one, a friend, celebrity…

Here are a few celebrities who have been hit with the cancer, yet were strong enough to combat the intruder!

Christina Applegate

Sheryl Crow

Giuliana Rancic

Suzanne Somers

Cynthia Nixon

 Richard Roundtree (see, men are affected too!)

There are so many more celebrities that have been affected and have beaten the disease, which should give all those who may be struggling or know someone who is struggling hope!

It’s time to baby your breasts! In order to do so… follow these preventative measures!

Uma Loves A Threesome

Who would have thought Uma Thurman to be of the kinky sort. Poison Ivy… what a hot porn star name. 

There are only two men she will get frisky with at the same time though. 

Ben & Jerry!

You know you’re curious, don’t lie! Check out the latest episode of GiGi Eats Celebrities and figure out just how sticky this situation truly is! 

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A Conditioner For The Body

Even though she cannot act… Megan Fox seems to always have a bombshell bod!

What a ferocious beast your are! Grroar!

Wait, you popped out a baby?

Lebron’s just like us: Even he has problems getting out of his shirt once in awhile.

Mermaids across the globe are jealous of Ashley.

What do all of these celebs have in common? They’re not all starring in the next failing “rom-com,” don’t worry!


No, I didn’t just curse at you in another language.

Pilates is actually a body conditioning exercise that helps build flexibility and long, lean muscles, strength and endurance in the legs, abdominals, arms, hips, and back.

Almost every celebrity is taking part in this odd form of exercise these days, and it’s making each one hotter than black leather seats sitting in the sun for eight hours.

I mean, check out the gams on Giselle up there! And Megan certainly doesn’t need a washer in her house because she can do laundry on her wash-board stomach.

What is Pilates trick?

Well there are multiple which include mermaids, saws, roll-ups, jack knives and cork screws.

Sounds like an underwater torture chamber.

I get nightmares just looking at this thing

Pain is gain, right? Luckily these Pilates moves and poses are not as bad as they sound! Honestly, if you want to look at hot as Julia Roberts, Sharon Stone, Uma Thurman, Danny Glover (LMFAO – he is a stud muffin), Liz Hurley, Gwyneth Paltrow (to name a few), then it’s time you jumped on that mermaid’s back and did some cork screws!

So have you ever flailed your legs in the air like a boomerang… or in other words, have you ever tried Pilates?

myLot User Profile


Who needs this damn frying pan! Ooo yum, raw nuts…


What is the deal with this raw food craze? Whoever invented fire must die (oh wait, he or she probably already is!). You can say bye bye to foods like chicken, beef, eggs


Oh wait, that looks pretty raw to me!

Celebs like Alicia Silverstone have adopted this kooky diet because they feel it cleanses their bodies (thanks to not eating processed foods)… but eating a raw vegan diet can lead to serious malnourishment.


Whoops… I mean…

The diet is generally 75% fruits and vegetables, which is great (all you chickens out there can rest easy… well until I come along) because raw foodies love to devour seaweed, sprouts, seeds and beans.

 If you see Carol Alt, Uma Thurman or Woody Harrelson drinking alcohol, you can call them out because the raw diet also restricts this consumption.


Wait, Uma is drinking in this picture?

What’s the point of this diet? Rawists believe that heating food higher than 118 degrees will kill key enzymes and vitamins in the food they’re eating… I wonder if they go in saunas?


I don’t think they can wear these either.

So yeah, this diet sounds measly, right? Exactly… which is why many fear that people who follow this eating trend will not get the proper nutrients, which leads to deficiencies.

Vitamin B12, which is critical for nerve and red blood cell development, is ONLY found in those CUTE LITTLE FARM ANIMALS… and if you don’t eat them… you could acquire anemia (excessive tiredness and bruising) and could become neurologically impaired.

Where’s the mustard?

Not getting enough calcium and healthy fat is another problem with this diet… oh heck, there is just a whole lot of problems with this diet. If you really really do feel the need to go this route though, seek a nutritionist’s advice… not Demi Moores’!

I feel like taking my frying pan and hitting some sense into these raw food celebs! Alright, no, I cannot really tell them what to do… but I can tell myself to… sear up some steak RIGHT NOW!

I love cow

De-Puff Your Stuff

Pop goes the weasel!

Wait, what does that even mean? It’s kind of graphic if you really think about it.

Okay, but really, have any of you ever felt like you could pop like that weasel? Ahem, Thanksgiving… Christmas… Thursday?

(I think I am retaining a lake)

I’m talking about feeling as if helium was pumped into your stomach like a cheap balloon. 

We’re lucky though, because we can walk around with record-breaking 1800 pound pumpkins in our stomachs (oh thank you all-you-can-eat buffets), and no one, except maybe our mother or significant other, would flinch at the sight of our “pregnancy”.

(Check out my sister and me after one of our huge sushi binges! I’m on the left.)

Celebrities on the other hand are constantly being raped by cameras from all angles causing headlines of innumerable rag mags to scream: PREGNANT WITH QUADRUPLETS!

(Whacha hiding under there Scarlett?!?! Are you picking up a PREGNANCY TEST or… Pepto-Bismol?)

If celebrities took certain deflating approaches, those “gossip gazettes” would most likely file for bankruptcy because they would have no content to print!

  • Switch to distilled water for a few days. This type of water is like a (good) natural disaster on your body, flooding out excess salt and fluids.
  • Pop ginger root to beat bloat. Gingersnap cookies don’t count! That weird dinosaur in the produce section is what you should be noshing on.

  • Use vinegar as a dressing on your salad or just dump it down your throat. This is the only time acid is good for you!
  • Slow down when you’re hoovering in that extra-large burrito, guac, chips and salsa. It will still be there in five minutes from now, unless your dining companion is Tim “Eater X” Janus.

  • Watch your sodium intake. Sushi may taste good with soy sauce, but the entire bottle is a little much, don’t you think?
  • Take probiotics. Not all bacteria is bad for you!
  • Munch on some parsley or fennel seeds so when you eat those onions, you can ward off a buddha belly and turtle breath.

Celebs (oh yea, and the rest of you too)… if you pay attention to these “rules” and you may just go from;


She may just be a freak though!