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What’s The Deal With Cupping

Whoa, whoa! GiGi Eats Celebrities is posting on a Sunday?? GiGi must be really hungry. 

Okay, I am going to stop referring to myself in the third person and get straight to the point. 

I wrote a guest blog post on Kodjo Workout’s web site and I want ALL OF YOU to check it out… And then of course subscribe to his blog as well as mine! 


A ferociously sexy cheetah walking down the red carpet…

Welcome to the jungle!

PS: All new blog post coming this TUESDAY!!

**Hint: it’s time to pucker up! 

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Any of these luscious ladies!

Obviously you all know that the 2012 Summer Olympics are in full swing.

Use it as motivation to get off your rump and get moving. Pretend your aiming for THE GOLD while sweat trickles down your face during your intense bike ride or imagine everyone eating your dust as you dash on by! 

If you do that… then maybe you can eat…






No you all want…

Looks like it’s time to get MOVING!

Pig Skin Dream Team

I’m not sure if you are all aware but… the Super Bowl is this Sunday.

Take a minute to snap out of your shock.

In honor of the chicken wing “man-oliday” (yes, ladies I understand some of you may like watching that pig skin being thrown around, but I am generalizing here), I decided to showcase my own fantasy football team… “celeb-ville” style.

Quarter Back: Madonna (Have you seen her pythons!?)

Wide Receiver: George Clooney (Because he is just such a catch.)

Center: Jenna Jameson (I heard she likes things between her legs!)

Tackle: Vin Diesel (Nuff’ said)

Guard: Britney Spears‘ father, Jamie Spears (Well, he is doing a fabulous job of guarding his daughter!)

Tight End: David Beckham (His latest underwear commercial confirmed his position on the field.)

Full Back: Khloe Kardashian (This position needs someone bigger… and hey, she’s the giant of the Kardashian clan.)

Half Back: Meryl Streep (She is one of the most convincing actresses out there. No doubt that she will be able to pull this role off too!)

Linebacker: Kim Kardashian (Because these sisters always seem to come in pairs, and imagine Kim squatting on the field…)

Kicker: Giselle Bundchen (Even if she can’t kick the ball, her gams will distract the other team!)

Punter: Neil Patrick Harris (Doogie Howser wants to prove that he is not just the school nerd…)

Who would be on your dream team and why?

Oh I am sorry; were you drooling for some healthy tips and tricks to curb you from spiking your diet like the football on the field this Sunday? Well I’ve got your back like a defensive line man! Check it out!