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Gut Therapy

Let’s face it…

Your gut probably looks like…


All thanks to

And lots of…

But very little…

While I may or may not be saying “I told you so,” (way to watch my Thanksgiving video, seriously) that doesn’t mean I’m not willing to help you help your gut.

(However if you look like Paris Hilton when you get out of the car… I will just point and laugh. Dofus.)

You see, when you detox your gut (which is comprised of you liver, kidneys and intestines) from all the fat globs and excess alcohol you pounded last week, you will enhance your immune system, thus lessening your risk of getting sick this winter.

Looking a little under the weather there Hill.

Why don’t you try and avoid continuing to live the Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears lifestyle throughout the holidays.


  • Lay off the alcohol, drugs and tobacco as much as possible. Tell Cheech and Chong that you’ve got to cool it. 
  • Take a stress break every so often. You don’t need to be first in line to buy the newest Ferbie? (Yeah, apparently those are back)
  • Cut down on over-the-counter drugs. Only ignore this if your in-laws are REALLY pissing you off.
  • Drink like a fish (water that is). Wait, do they even drink? I need a marine biologist!
  • Eat high fiber fruits and vegetables. Time to buy some Beano!
  • Shun fried foods and processed foods. No more deep-fried Twinkies for you!

Wait, hold the phone. These tips actually sound like the lifestyle you should be living every day, not just after a gluttonous meal.

So if these tips were a pony, jump on them and go for a ride!

Okay, that didn’t make any sense at all…


Mitt Romney vs. Barack Obama: Chowing Down!

Time to get voting… Let these SEXY photos of our presidential candidates stuffing their faces inspire you! 

Do the chicken dance!

Fried Chicken (4.5 ounces): 287 calories & 17 grams of fat

The definition of deep throating

Pretzel Hot Dog (6.2 oz, including dog & bun): 485 calories & 24 grams of fat

Pizza face

Pizza (one slice of cheese only): 380 calories & 10 grams of fat

Lickity… Splat

Ice Cream (one cup, vanilla): 290 calories & 16 grams of fat


Ain’t no friend of Porky the Pig!

Pork Stick (4 oz): 160 calories & 6 grams of fat

A cow’s nightmare… and an elephants!

Meatball Sub (8 inch meat & cheese sub): 922 calories & 41 grams of fat

Now aren’t you two just the mirror images of health… Yeah, no.

Well regardless of their atrocious eating habits, you still need to do your part today, so go out and VOTE!


Who would you rather grab a bite with? 



Recipe For A Healthier Cereal

What did you nosh on this morning? A huge trough of Fruit Loops… Or are you the type to tote a box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch around with you throughout the day?

Sorry to be the GRIMM REAPER OF FOOD but… those cereals among many others that line grocery store shelves are, well… scarier than some of the costumes you may see on Halloween!

Atrocious amounts of sugar, sneaky, hidden trans fatty acids, fiberless carbohydrates and added fillers all hide in these processed foods and contribute to that “muffin top”, “bagel butt” and “donut thighs” you don’t want.

If you weren’t planning on being a human cinnamon bun for Halloween… 

Watch the latest episode on how to pick a HEALTHIER cereal, if you must eat cereal at all!


Mmm… Scrumptious! GiGi Eats Celebrities (or I guess Groceries today)!


Although who can resist these fruity bombs!? They are fruity… So does that qualify as eating fruit? NO!

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Take a gander at what I really think the ideal diet and exercise plan is.

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Hot Celebrity Dads ALERT!

In honor of Father’s Day (yes, I am well aware that I am two days late… but who says you cannot celebrate Dad EVERY DAY?), let’s take a gander at some “celeb-ville” fathers.

These Daddios are looking MIGHTY FINE after popping children out of their wombs.

Wait. Huh?

WARNING: The following post may cause any of the following symptoms…

  • Irregular Heart Beat
  • Dizziness
  • Disorientation
  • Cravings for a Ballpark Frank (even if you’re a vegetarian or vegan)

For those of you who would like to take a risk, keep on scrolling.

Ryan Phillippe

Children: (3) Ava Elizabeth Phillippe, Deacon Reese Phillippe, Kai Knapp

Hey guys, if you want to look as hunky as this actor… check out his work out.

William Levy

Children: (2) Christopher Levy, Kailey Alexandra Levy

Wish you had that 12 pack on your stomach instead of in your fridge? Maybe you should learn the RUMBA!

Orlando Bloom

Children: (1) Flynn Christopher Bloom

While Orlando may do a rather “girlie” form of exercise, you can rest assured that he is ALL man! (Wait… how do I actually know that?)

David Beckham

Children: (4) Harper Beckham, Brooklyn Beckham, Cruz Beckham, Romeo Beckham

If you don’t know how David works out, you’ve been living in a deep water sea cave for your entire life.

Taye Diggs

Children: (1) Walker Nathaniel Diggs

Dr. Sam Bennett certainly has time to get to the gym, even after long hours at the hospital!

David Boreanaz

Children: (2) Jaden Rayne Boreanaz, Bella Vita Bardot Boreanaz

David’s just taking a nice bath after a rather grueling work out! (slaying vampires?)

Clearly this post is geared towards the ladies (and some men perhaps)… I mean, it is TASTY TUESDAY after all, but fellas, if you did happen to scroll through (no need to lie, you totally did), why don’t you click on the links about how these studs stay in shape, you may learn a thing or two.

*Hint, hint. Nudge Nudge*

Bogus Baby Food Bods

Will the Baby Food Diet bring you a tight tush sans diaper rash? The answer may have you kicking and screaming!

Thank you for noshing on the premiere episode of the GiGi Eats Celebrities web series! Episodes will come bi-weekly (on Tuesdays… “Tasty Tuesdays”), so be prepared to chow down again March 6th.

Mmm… Scrumptious! GiGi Eats Celebrities!

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You have all probably seen magazine, online and newspaper headlines boasting predictions about what 2012 may bring. While they’re all starting to get rather annoying, I couldn’t help but succumb to the annual tradition.

So here are my downright intelligent predictions for the diet and fitness trends that are going to BLOW UP in “Celeb-ville” in 2012!

  • Treadmills or Stationary Bikes built into Cars (yes celebrities do drive). With all that extra time caught in traffic, why not put the buns to work. Booty buns, not cinnamon buns. Hey, if this actually happens, a lot more jobs will be created because there will be a surplus need for police and EMTs will all the car accidents.
  • Another all juice cleanse, because what year has their not been a new exotic fruit discovery? Behold the Brangolosteen!
  • The Homer Simpson Diet. All donuts, all the time. More glaze, the better. Dunkin’ Donuts stock is going to go through the roof. BUY! BUY! BUY!

  • The Bone Diet. Gnawing on bones is no longer just for dogs! Mmm, bone marrow.
  • The High Heel Diet. Sorry guys, you’re going to have to find another diet, unless of course you do rock the pumps! Ladies, listen up. The higher the heel you wear, the more food and more meals you can eat in a day. Example: you rock 4-inch heels, you can eat four foods and eat them four times a day in four-ounce portions! Lady GaGa will certainly be able to eat a ton in 2012!
  • Microwaves in your car. Nix that, a stove and oven in your car… because microwave meals are not healthy! Wait, you need to keep your eye on the road so how about Rachel Ray in your car. 30-minute meals just got a whole new meaning.
  • Desk-mills. Celebrities don’t work desk jobs, but these days everyone needs to sit at a desk at some point. Sitting = extra ass fat. Walking = a toned badonkadonk!
  • The Imagination Diet. Close your eyes and envision sinking your teeth into oozing cheese, a thick buttery, flaky crust, acidic tomato sauce and salty pepperoni. Open your eyes. Are you full? If not, close them and… “eat” more! No food is off limits!
  • The Horse Meat Diet. Men, want to look like a stallion? Ladies, want to have long gams like a mare? Well with the ban on slaughtering horses quietly being lifted, horse meat may be found on many personal chef and celebrity infested restaurant menus in 2012. You are what you eat after all. (Hm, if that were the case everyone would have quite the jawline).

  • The Spicy Sauna. This doesn’t have anything to do with celebrities getting down and dirty with their significant others in a sweaty sauna, although I am sure that will happen more than a few times this year. Instead this diet entails celebrities to only eat spicy foods in saunas so they can sweat even more, thus lose excess water weight. I see Michelle Williams and Keira Knightley sharing some Chicken Vindaloo at the Four Seasons, Beverly Hills Spa prior to the Oscars this year!
  • The Seed Diet. Not all celebrities are carnivores so this diet is catered to the Pam Andersons and Alicia Silverstones of the world. Load your trap full of hemp, flax, sesame, sunflower, chia, poppy and all the other seeds on the market. Guaranteed to make you feel a bit seedy.

Well there you have it, my predictions of what diet and fitness trends may come in 2012! Get ready for a hot pepper shortage, more car accidents, ladies (and maybe some men) wearing EXTRA high heels and meals featuring Black Beauty.

Don’t forget to tune in February 21, 2012 when the real action begins.

Rosie, Tom, Meryl & Neil Cooking Up Some Holiday Love

Wait, what?

Celebrities actually cook? Since when?

While whether or not Tom Cruise or Rosie O’Donnell are stirring up a batch of brownies or roasting a chicken (maybe even together!) is up for debate, web sites and magazines always write articles denoting how celebs are known for an “oh so scrumptious” holiday dish that the rest of “us” MUST try.

Well thank you, Richard Florczak, Jewels Elmore, Steven Lecchi, Sevan Azarian, Gary Robins… and all you other celebrity personal chefs out there, for concocting such tantalizing recipes.

Tom, where are your manners! Eating with your hands… common!

Lets have a look-see at what these bad-ass chefs, oh excuse me, celebrities have conjured up.

Rain, shine, hair in foils, getting a massage, we all have to eat!

Bear in mind that these recipes are NOT very healthy (thanks guys for promoting unhealthy eating habits)… but since celebrities do make these dishes, doesn’t that mean they don’t have any calories!?



Mmm scrumptious. GiGi Eats Celebrities.