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Mitt Romney vs. Barack Obama: Chowing Down!

Time to get voting… Let these SEXY photos of our presidential candidates stuffing their faces inspire you! 

Do the chicken dance!

Fried Chicken (4.5 ounces): 287 calories & 17 grams of fat

The definition of deep throating

Pretzel Hot Dog (6.2 oz, including dog & bun): 485 calories & 24 grams of fat

Pizza face

Pizza (one slice of cheese only): 380 calories & 10 grams of fat

Lickity… Splat

Ice Cream (one cup, vanilla): 290 calories & 16 grams of fat


Ain’t no friend of Porky the Pig!

Pork Stick (4 oz): 160 calories & 6 grams of fat

A cow’s nightmare… and an elephants!

Meatball Sub (8 inch meat & cheese sub): 922 calories & 41 grams of fat

Now aren’t you two just the mirror images of health… Yeah, no.

Well regardless of their atrocious eating habits, you still need to do your part today, so go out and VOTE!


Who would you rather grab a bite with? 



Loin of Celebrity, Please!

The other evening I wandered into the swanky LA hot spot Scarpetta and ordered their seared Dwayne Johnson with a side of Beyonce, George Clooney and Victoria Secret Models. After devouring that delicious combination, I peered over the dessert menu and couldn’t resist ordering Ryan Gosling.

Hey, a girls got to eat!

Beyonce = Butternut Squash


Lady Gaga = Cauliflower


Victoria Secret Models = Green Beans


Lindsey Lohan = Nectarine


Adam Sandler = Egg


Nicolas Cage = Potato


Pamela Anderson = Watermelon


Angelina Jolie = Spaghetti


Nicole Richie = Smoothie


The Rock = Rump Roast


George Clooney = Black-Eyed Peas (long shelf life)


Ryan Gosling = Honeydew


Kevin Federline = Pork


What would you order?