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Strike A Pose

Today is probably the only day of the year when all straight men across the country will switch from Sport Center to CBS without putting up a fight.


Okay wait, I take that back, Shark week also tends to cause this shocking sight as well. 

Today is also a day where almost all women across the country will fantasize about flaunting their swagger in leafy bikini bottoms and pasties over their nipples.


(Of course I do this every day!)

Are you ready to see some hot ladies with massive wedgies?

miranda kerr in thong

Well tonight is the Victoria’s Secret Annual Runway Show.

Ladies, don’t blame your parents for not giving you the genes for mile-long legs, tight as a rock tummies and firm “cheeks” that could crack a walnut because you can still achieve these things! (Men, you can certainly gain some great tips TOO!)

Check out how BELOW! 

Mmm… Scrumptious! GiGi Eats Celebrities!

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Tricks For Those Halloween Treats

(Spooky Video Below!)

Do you know what’s scarier than The Thing, The Exorcist, Poltergeist and The Shining… Even when you watch ALL of these movies back to back in a haunted cemetery on Halloween night with wind chills creeping through your jacket and strange noises coming from the trees near by?

The ingredients label on the back of your favorite Halloween candy


Check out the GiGi Eats Groceries Halloween Special! It’s sure to… FRIGHTEN you?

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Take a gander at what I really think the ideal diet and exercise plan is.

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Cover of "Boo! (Halloween Glow Books)"

Justin Bieber’s Halloween Costume!

Hot Celebrity Dads ALERT!

In honor of Father’s Day (yes, I am well aware that I am two days late… but who says you cannot celebrate Dad EVERY DAY?), let’s take a gander at some “celeb-ville” fathers.

These Daddios are looking MIGHTY FINE after popping children out of their wombs.

Wait. Huh?

WARNING: The following post may cause any of the following symptoms…

  • Irregular Heart Beat
  • Dizziness
  • Disorientation
  • Cravings for a Ballpark Frank (even if you’re a vegetarian or vegan)

For those of you who would like to take a risk, keep on scrolling.

Ryan Phillippe

Children: (3) Ava Elizabeth Phillippe, Deacon Reese Phillippe, Kai Knapp

Hey guys, if you want to look as hunky as this actor… check out his work out.

William Levy

Children: (2) Christopher Levy, Kailey Alexandra Levy

Wish you had that 12 pack on your stomach instead of in your fridge? Maybe you should learn the RUMBA!

Orlando Bloom

Children: (1) Flynn Christopher Bloom

While Orlando may do a rather “girlie” form of exercise, you can rest assured that he is ALL man! (Wait… how do I actually know that?)

David Beckham

Children: (4) Harper Beckham, Brooklyn Beckham, Cruz Beckham, Romeo Beckham

If you don’t know how David works out, you’ve been living in a deep water sea cave for your entire life.

Taye Diggs

Children: (1) Walker Nathaniel Diggs

Dr. Sam Bennett certainly has time to get to the gym, even after long hours at the hospital!

David Boreanaz

Children: (2) Jaden Rayne Boreanaz, Bella Vita Bardot Boreanaz

David’s just taking a nice bath after a rather grueling work out! (slaying vampires?)

Clearly this post is geared towards the ladies (and some men perhaps)… I mean, it is TASTY TUESDAY after all, but fellas, if you did happen to scroll through (no need to lie, you totally did), why don’t you click on the links about how these studs stay in shape, you may learn a thing or two.

*Hint, hint. Nudge Nudge*

Pucker Up!





Oh celebipoos, it’s sooo great that you have found love (for the next fifteen minutes) but why do you have to flaunt your love affairs for all the world to see. Giving each other some sugar in public is just plain repulsive. So stick your tongues back in your own faces and get yourself to a motel that swanky $2,000 a night Ritz Carlton presidential suite your “loins” are craving!

You know what actually may be worse than catching Janice Dickinson giving some sugar to a man about half her son’s age?

Actually taking the phrase “give me some sugar” literally.

Borrowing a cup of sugar from your neighbor, racing to the coffee shop because YOU NEED THAT triple shot of syrup in your morning brew… sneaking a spoonful of sugar from the pantry when no one is looking… All of these acts are just as bad as seeing Kelsey Grammer topless kissing his lady love.

Sugar, in all of its forms, can trigger processes that could possibly lead to a chronic disease pandemic including liver toxicity.

Why should we care about our livers? Well lets just say they are as important to our functioning bodies as fake tans are to the cast of Jersey Shore.

(Hot damn! Where did you get your hat?)

So while viewing celebrities groping in public may be incredibly disturbing, sucking down sugar may actually be naughtier.

Whoops. Did I just put a damper on your Valentine’s Day? Are you reading this while macerating a disgusting Marshmallow Peep? Well just think about…

Yeah, that’s enough to turn anyone off of sugar… fake boobs, tattoos and… corn row dreadlocks?

Make a promise you can keep

“I will eat bananas for two weeks of every month for the entire year of 2012.”

“I will exercise for 8 hours a day and only eat a leaf of lettuce.”

“Smooth Move and I will be the best of friends for 2012.”

“My goal is to get a few ribs taken out, hey I heard Cher did it and have you seen her!”

New Year’s Resolutions. What a cliche.

We make them though… even if we tell people we don’t do such nonsense. Eat better, exercise more, live every day to the fullest, but what if you just want to lounge around the house eating bon bons and not lift a finger?

Yeah, that’s really not something you should be doing every day, but lets face it, those resolutions are going to crash and burn before you can say Kraft Macaroni & Cheese.

Instead of getting angry that you couldn’t resist buying four pints of cookie dough ice cream (yeah, yeah, they were on sale… WALK ON BY!) you should think about maybe tweaking your lifestyle a tiny bit to make it a little healthier (a celery stalk anyone?).

Oh and you don’t need a new year to do this either.

Of course celebrities make these “promises” too and it’s actually a lot worse for them because when they voice their intentions, it’s pretty hysterical when they break them…

Be on the look out this year to see which of these celebrities actually make it without breaking their pacts!

  • Jennifer Hudson: “My goals for 2012 are simple — continue to live a healthy lifestyle by eating nutritious foods and exercising regularly. The tools and support that the Weight Watchers PointsPlus program provides has helped me do that, and has given me the opportunity to really make a difference. I am a true advocate for living a healthy lifestyle, and I hope to set an example that inspires others to make the same changes that I did. If I can do it, anyone can!”
  • Samantha Harris: I hope to find a way to get to bed earlier so that I can spring up with more energy each morning when my kids wake up. I also want to be better with taking weekend walks with my husband and our girls.”
  • Melania Trump: “I want to have fun while working out. I love to play tennis but sometimes my schedule doesn’t allow it, so I’ve started to run on the treadmill instead to catch up on the news. I also want to maintain my healthy diet. My most recent healthy obsession is to make myself an energy-boosting smoothie in the morning. I mix banana, ground flax seeds, liquid omega-3, vitamin D, lemon, fat-free yogurt, and orange juice to start the day off right and fill me up.”
  • Paula Deen: “I’m just going to take the vitamins my doctor tells me to and save the sugary ones for dessert.”
  • Jack Black: “I’m gonna drop fitty lbs how many quarter-pounders with cheeses is that?” He plans to do “push-ups, sit-ups, and a strict diet of…. raisins.”
  • Travis McCoy: “My New Year’s resolution is to quit smoking … it’s a very dirty, filthy habit,” he said. “But not [only] is it my New Year’s resolution to quit, but it’s also my New Year’s resolution to get my friends to quit as well.”

What resolutions have you “not” made? And what resolutions do you think some celebrities should make (ahem: Lindsey Lohan)?

I know a resolution you should make… tune in to GiGi Eats Celebrities February 21, 2012 and tell everyone you know about it too… shameless promotion, yes!

Rosie, Tom, Meryl & Neil Cooking Up Some Holiday Love

Wait, what?

Celebrities actually cook? Since when?

While whether or not Tom Cruise or Rosie O’Donnell are stirring up a batch of brownies or roasting a chicken (maybe even together!) is up for debate, web sites and magazines always write articles denoting how celebs are known for an “oh so scrumptious” holiday dish that the rest of “us” MUST try.

Well thank you, Richard Florczak, Jewels Elmore, Steven Lecchi, Sevan Azarian, Gary Robins… and all you other celebrity personal chefs out there, for concocting such tantalizing recipes.

Tom, where are your manners! Eating with your hands… common!

Lets have a look-see at what these bad-ass chefs, oh excuse me, celebrities have conjured up.

Rain, shine, hair in foils, getting a massage, we all have to eat!

Bear in mind that these recipes are NOT very healthy (thanks guys for promoting unhealthy eating habits)… but since celebrities do make these dishes, doesn’t that mean they don’t have any calories!?



Mmm scrumptious. GiGi Eats Celebrities.