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Mesmerized By Mariah’s Wacky Diet

Yeah, yeah, yeah…

Mariah Carey did come clean to numerous magazines about how she rid the baby weight she gained after shooting out twins from her WHO-HAW in 2011. Apparently she had Jenny Craig hold her hand as she tried not to slip and fall in her own sweat at the gym.

(You dominate that treadmill Mariah!)

But I cannot help but bring up a diet she tried back in the day that is just utterly head-scratching.

Food Combining.

Wait, aren’t we all on this diet? I mean, you put the turkey on the (WHOLE GRAIN) bread with the (GRASS FED) cheese and the mustard… 

Not exactly…

Rules of Food Combining:

  • Starch & Sugar should not be eaten with protein and acidic fruits
  • Starch and Sugar should only be eaten with oils, cream or butter
  • Non-Root Vegetables should be eaten with EITHER starch or protein
  • Wait four hours between starch laden meals and protein filled meals

Mariah noted that this diet was so EFFING confusing, she decided to just stop eating. That’s how she wound up losing enough weight to be able to fit back into her high school cheerleading outfit. 

(Captain of the cheerleading squad?)

Okay, I have no idea if she was on the cheerleading squad, she could have been the bad ass behind the dumpster toking up for all I know, but she did note her body was back down to the size of a 17 year olds’. 

(Just the way Nick Cannon likes it) 

Don’t start digging your extra large spoon into a tub of cream topped with sugar because you think Mariah’s body looks “banging”. 

Multiples studies state, “the idea that certain foods and nutrients were not intended to be eaten together is not logical.” 

  1. We were designed to consume breast milk as babies to grow and thrive. Breast milk is a combination of carbohydrates, protein and fat.
  2. The body was designed to secrete a variety of digestive enzymes, which are capable of breaking down any food or combination of nutrients at the same time. 
  3. Most foods naturally contain a combination of carbohydrates, protein and fat that aren’t designed to be separated. 

Hopefully Mariah’s stint on American Idol is a little less fleeting than this more confusing than calculus diet she tried back in the day. 

(Mariah’s approach to food combining: Big Mac, Fries and a Soda)

What do you think of Mariah’s old diet? Do you think it’s a stupid fad or do you believe in food combining? 


Body A La Food Network

How many of you watch the Food Network Channel and feel as though your waistline expands two sizes in those thirty delicious minutes?

Trust me, I am right there with you, especially when Giada sprinkles hazelnuts over her freshly churned chocolate-hazelnut gelato and when Duff applies the finishing touches to one of his masterful cakes.

While you may rush to the bathroom scale after your favorite Food TV show (ahem… The Next Food Network Star) to convince yourself that you cannot absorb calories through the TV screen (although I do believe Emeril Lagasse is working on “smell-a-vision”) one might wonder how some of these celebrity chefs keep the pounds in the freezer.

Clearly we all know Paula Deen had a kinky love affair with a few too many sticks of butter…

…but she has since gone to lard rehab and lost thirty pounds in the process!

If you didn’t pick up the Health Magazine with Giada De Laurentiis on the cover, then you missed out on her “skinny tip”… Well you’re in luck because I have the, slightly annoying (because there are NO fancy tricks involved), trick she uses so she can button up her pants.

“I eat a little bit of everything and not a lot of anything. Everything in moderation.”

Giada also hikes, does yoga and paddle boards on a regular basis. Oh and she’s a nut lover (gutter mind returns!). She noshes on almonds when she needs a snack.

You may have noticed (or maybe not) that Alton Brown has lost weight over the past few years, 50 pounds to be exact!

Alton created four “food lists,” such as, “Foods to Eat Daily”, “Foods to Eat Three Times a Week”, “Foods to Eat Once a Week” and “Foods to Avoid at all Times”. To see these lists (that I completely approve of, Go Alton!) check them out here.

The “grill master” Bobby Flay even watches his figure.

He credits Iron Chef America for his tight buns (ah ha, see what I did there – buns, hamburger buns… Ok I am a loser) because he apparently runs around kitchen stadium like kids playing tag on the playground. Okay, okay, he also goes running outdoors almost every morning and takes a chapter from Giada’s book by eating food in moderation too.


Are you wondering why I didn’t detail the diet tips of say… Guy Fieri? Well maybe this will answer your question!


Alright, enough about healthy eating… The Next Food Network Star finale is July 22nd!! It’s TIME TO EXERCISE YOUR RIGHT TO VOTE: Who are you rooting for!

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Pork Chops in Bikinis

Jennifer Aniston, Angelina Jolie, Renne Zellweger, Cameron Diaz, Brad Pitt, LL Cool J, Catherine Zeta Jones, Stacey Keibler, Matthew McConaughey… All star in the upcoming flick, Pork Chops in Bikinis! Bound to be a bigger hit than all those Twilight Movies!

Just kidding! But what all these celebrities do have in common, is that they all swear (or at one point did) by the Atkins Diet.

Hot damn, eat fatty sausages never looked sexier.

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Pregnant with a Cheesy Gordita

Hey, check it out, a ticking time bomb.

Jess, question. Did Eric implant a baby elephant in your belly because the way you have been eating has a lot of us very confused and some even a little concerned.

Kiddie cereals, macaroni and cheese, southern fried… EVERYTHING and buttered pop tarts? Your baby sounds like it is training to beat the Black Widow in a food eating competition!

Unless you want to give birth to a baby sumo wrestler, you may want to rethink your dietary choices, although, since you’re so far along in your pregnancy, it may be pointless for you at this point.

Gaining more than 35 pounds during the nine months leading up to the “amazing fiesta” in the delivery room, can lead to numerous problems including hypertension and diabetes. The heavier you get, the larger your baby gets and the more likely you will have deliver the baby via c-section. Scars are so not in Jessica, luckily I am sure you’re team of beauty experts already bought out the department store section of scar erasing lotions!

And even though you signed a deal with Weight Watchers as motivation to sweat off those ice cream and twinkie binges, losing the baby weight is still going to be as grueling as climbing Mt. Everest during Nepal‘s worst blizzard in history.

Now it may sound as if I am attacking you Jess, but I really am not! I am team Simpson ALL THE WAY! I am just concerned for you and your baby’s health. I want you to be as healthy as you possibly can during this time of your life that apparently you have been waiting for since you pretty much popped out of your mother’s womb!

So congratulations Jessica… and Eric, but do you really need to continue to eat enough for a family of ten on Thanksgiving?

Saving Paula

Looks like Ms. Paula D is going to have to climb her way out of that barrel of butter she is oh so famous for residing in. It’s going to be one slippery climb, but “y’all” know if anyone can do it, she certainly can!

Paula, if you’re reading this (because I am sure you “Googled” “Yahooed” yourself after seeing you were one of Yahoo’s top searches the other day)… here is what not to do now that you have diabetes.

1. Resist the urge to stuff your face full of processed junk such as cake, donuts, cookies, chips, crackers and anything deep fried…

2. Don’t make eating the focal point of social gathering (especially when fried chicken is the friend you really want to see). 

3.Butter can no longer be your BFF (this will be a hard break up for you, but I see Mr. Olive Oil over there giving you the suggestive nod).

4. Don’t forget to exercise. A taut tush is attainable! You may even wind up ditching Food Network for… Victoria Secret?

5. If you must drink alcohol, drink one glass with your evening, BALANCED meal… sorry, grilled butter with a side of butter is not the definition of a balanced meal.

6. You can still enjoy cooking but try and find substitutions for foods that are not diabetes friendly. Stewed collard greens instead of creamed spinach. Baked sweet potatoes instead of double deep fried, grits laden French fries.

7. Lastly, set a good example for others. We’re all watching you, and now that your secret is out, we expect you to partake in a healthier lifestyle. Don’t forget that being healthy is just as tasty as deep fried Twinkies.

Golden Arches… No, No, Globes!

Do you feel bad when you’re choking down on some delicious grub while watching celebrities strut their stuff down the red carpet? Yeah, me neither.

These celebrities may look flawless as they flaunt their hard work, thank you squats and naked chicken breasts, but they’re all most likely thinking about belly-flopping into a barrel of butter.

Stacy Keibler

“While I could certainly eat George up with a spoon… I could REALLY go for a huge tub of mango sorbet right now… George, you can jump in if you’d like… two birds, one stone!”

Mila Kunis

“This dress isn’t worth having to forgo Cheez-its and Cheetos for the past two months. Little do all the cameras know… I have a stash under this flowy bad boy! Not just a dress guys… not just a dress.”

Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban

NK: “I want some… baby back, baby back, baby back… Chili’s Baby Back Ribs… I want some… Chili’s Baby Back Ribs… WITH BBQ SAUCE!”

KU: “Would you quit squeezing my hand so hard. Yes, I understand you are starving, but you didn’t take the purse that could hold the foot long Subway sandwich, so it’s your own damn fault.”

Emma Stone

“Maybe if I continue to eye flirt with that dude over there, he’ll let me have some of those Pringles. Too bad my dress doesn’t have a leg slit, now that would seal the deal. I can cut my dress right? I mean, it’s just a Lanvin!”

Charlize Theron

“I want some yams.”

Reese Witherspoon

“Fried chicken, coleslaw… Nothing like some re-heated fried chicken at midnight. I hope Jim can read my mind… eff that, I’m a text him!”

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

AJ: “The kids better come through tonight and eat all the food so Brad doesn’t force feed me when we get home. I mean that’s why I have SIX! If the kids don’t hold up their end of the bargain tonight, I am getting another.”

BP: “My cane rocks. My cane is awesome. Wait… that girl just said I look like an old man with this cane. Hmm… I kind of want a candy cane.”

Sorry Hollywood A-listers (B-listers, C-listers…D-listers), but in order to stay picture perfect this award season, you’re just going to have to ignore your “dirty” thoughts of “naughty” food… 44 more days of dry chicken breast and weird powdery green drinks…