A weekly feast of celebrity diets with a side of fitness trends

Time to get voting… Let these SEXY photos of our presidential candidates stuffing their faces inspire you! 

Do the chicken dance!

Fried Chicken (4.5 ounces): 287 calories & 17 grams of fat

The definition of deep throating

Pretzel Hot Dog (6.2 oz, including dog & bun): 485 calories & 24 grams of fat

Pizza face

Pizza (one slice of cheese only): 380 calories & 10 grams of fat

Lickity… Splat

Ice Cream (one cup, vanilla): 290 calories & 16 grams of fat


Ain’t no friend of Porky the Pig!

Pork Stick (4 oz): 160 calories & 6 grams of fat

A cow’s nightmare… and an elephants!

Meatball Sub (8 inch meat & cheese sub): 922 calories & 41 grams of fat

Now aren’t you two just the mirror images of health… Yeah, no.

Well regardless of their atrocious eating habits, you still need to do your part today, so go out and VOTE!


Who would you rather grab a bite with? 



Comments on: "Mitt Romney vs. Barack Obama: Chowing Down!" (13)

  1. Hahaa thanks for the foodie-laughs 😉

  2. This cracked me up…and grossed me out! Mostly because I don’t really like either of them 🙂

  3. The whole thing is scary, bring” Wild Bill” back at least he didn’t inhale, un like this duo. I mean the food of course.

  4. Blushing said:

    OMG GiGi IJust clicked on the link ” the definition of ” I can’t believe someone took the time to draw that. Can’t stop laughing 😀

    • OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!! WordPress is such a HUGE pervert!!!!! They suggested that link to me! I had NO IDEA it was even there until your comment, LMFAO!!!!!! I am laughing so hard right now… And I am NOT changing it. It’s just so appropriate! LOL!

  5. Your blog is so refreshing, not to mention hysterical to read. It always surprises me what Obama eats because he looks pretty healthy!

  6. Food Stories said:

    These foodie pics are hilarious 🙂

  7. I’m gonna have to go Obama that may can deep throat a pretzel dog like nobodies business. So scary it is almost impressive.

  8. Wow! How do they both weirdly resemble Rick Santorum in these pics? 😉

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