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(Spooky Video Below!)

Do you know what’s scarier than The Thing, The Exorcist, Poltergeist and The Shining… Even when you watch ALL of these movies back to back in a haunted cemetery on Halloween night with wind chills creeping through your jacket and strange noises coming from the trees near by?

The ingredients label on the back of your favorite Halloween candy


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Cover of "Boo! (Halloween Glow Books)"

Justin Bieber’s Halloween Costume!

Comments on: "Tricks For Those Halloween Treats" (18)

  1. GiGi I LOVE the chocolate and nut covered banana treat idea! Totally satisfying in a non processed way!

  2. […] (Spooky Video Below!) Do you know what’s scarier than The Thing, The Exorcist, Poltergeist and The Shining… Even when you watch ALL of these movies back to back in a haunted cemetery on…  […]

  3. Please tell me you shoved your gullet with this candy after this video!? HAHAHA. Don’t worry..I know I ate a Starburt’s the other day..but I can’t eat ANY of this candy..well I can..but I DON’T becasue it’s not vegan. SAD DAY I LOVE REESE’S!!! AND BUTTERFINGER!! I stick to making my homemade Reese’s with the dark choc and ground peanuts.

    OM NOM CANDYY! I’ll stick to my vegan cupcakes from Whole Foods..oh god..I am drooling.

    • I actually totally DIDN’T EAT IT! I brought it to my friend’s house so she could give it away to the people who came to her house for her Halloween party! I really don’t touch the stuff, I have to thank my willpower and the fact that I REALLY think this stuff is disgusting! You should be THRILLED your VEGAN when it comes to candy, because it’s all crap! 🙂 Um, PS: Can’t wait to see what you dress up as this year for H-Ween! LOL

  4. Sorry, Gigi, you are not scary. You are far too cute a pixie for that. But trans fats are scary.

  5. Happy to see this vid, have had no power due to Sandy, still don’t but found some to post here. GiGi your sweet enough for me 🙂 , great advice and when I can I’ll attack a good brownie, thats my cheat sweet. Well back to roughing it, by the way The Ring scared me to death the first time I saw it 😦 Thanks again

    • OMG! I hope you’re doing alright out there! I wish I could help you and I hope my video at least made you smile! Holy crap, the RING is sooooo scary and I am sorry but I think ALL scary movies are well, just that, SCARY! LOL! I like comedies! 🙂 Hang in there!! If I can help you in any way, please let me know!

      • Rocco said:

        Thank you, this was a wicked storm for many, where I would go run on the beach is destroyed for now, many lost so much. Power came back in my area tonight, so looking foward to more vids.

      • I am really sorry to hear all of this although I am very pleased that your power is back on! Where do you live?

      • Rocco said:

        I live in the home of “Family Guy” odd little place, hope to move someday. I’m near the coast , so damage was high all around. Nature is deadly as it is beautiful.

  6. Frank and I are cracking up at your video! This is awesome! Totally following you now.

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