A weekly feast of celebrity diets with a side of fitness trends

Whoa, whoa! GiGi Eats Celebrities is posting on a Sunday?? GiGi must be really hungry. 

Okay, I am going to stop referring to myself in the third person and get straight to the point. 

I wrote a guest blog post on Kodjo Workout’s web site and I want ALL OF YOU to check it out… And then of course subscribe to his blog as well as mine! 


A ferociously sexy cheetah walking down the red carpet…

Welcome to the jungle!

PS: All new blog post coming this TUESDAY!!

**Hint: it’s time to pucker up! 

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Comments on: "What’s The Deal With Cupping" (7)

  1. GARRHHOWKT I have soo much to say right now. First off, cupping reminds me of when young children would tell their parents that they got a hickey from a vacuum. By young children I mean mid teen..young children probably shouldn’t be getting hickeys.

    Second..HOW THE EFF did I miss the past like 4 posts of yours!? NO WONDER YOU SAID YOU MISSED ME IN MY COMMENTS. I swear I have been looking in my reader DAILY for your posts and I haven’t been getting any updates WTF!? When you said that you missed me my first thought was, “bitch I miss you too hurry up and write another post” and then I just came to your blog and you did!! I SUCK at being your blog friend right now. BUT I am here..so please accept my apology for being so MIA.

    I am off to catch up on your posts and gain my bloggy bfffff title back. Love you slore!

    • Aha ha ha ha ha! Yeah, I was totally getting PISSED OFF! I mean, FIRST: you don’t visit me in LA (although I could have actively tried to meet up with you too, LOL) and SECOND: you decided to DITCH my blog! I mean, you’re like the only person who comments so I rely on you! LOL!!! – PS: How do you get so many comments on your blog missy? LOL

      BUT it’s ALL GOOD!! You’re still my BBF – Best Blogging Friend! YEE HAW! That’s a hard title to get too so you should feel HONORED!!!! Uh, because of this… You win a secret give-away… That is, if you like NuNaturals Products ;P

  2. Rocco said:

    Well another HollyWood fad, I think they should try it with a warm and cold plunger, that should help release some of the toxins affecting their thinking. I admire anyone who promotes healty living, but the workouts are to tame for me, my average one lasts from 2-3 hours in duration, I use CrossFit WODS for a warm up then do the daily SealFit workout. This guy has the right idea though, not everyone has access to weights, rowers, etc. His method of Tabata timing is good, keeps your heart rate up. Good luck Sir, and GiGi you are a panic.

    • No kidding, right, these fads are just insanely stupid!! I bet the next fad will be the plunger fad, LOL!!! You could start it and make loads of money by stating it will “help you lose 100 pounds” – lol!

      Sounds like you have a crazy awesome and healthy life style! I tried Cross-Fit before. It wasn’t for me but I am obsessed with pilates and truly feel as though it’s transformed by body! 🙂

      Kodjo does have some good ideas! He’s definitely worth checking out… And uh, I am not sure if I should take being called a “panic” as a compliment – but I will? LOL

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