A weekly feast of celebrity diets with a side of fitness trends


The second tabloids catch win of celebrity engagements, their headlines scream “HOW TO GET Jennifer Aniston‘s SO AND SO’S HOT WEDDING BADONKADONK…” or “HOW TO NOT LOOK LIKE TRAIN WRECK Amanda Bynes* SO AND SO ON YOUR WEDDING DAY”.

YES! I have FOUND my future wedding dress! My mom is going to be THRILLED!

So you may have seen these headlines when you were waiting in line at the check out counter of your local grocery store… Or at the bookstore (wait, do those even exist anymore?)… Or maybe as you were paying for your naughty Home and Garden magazines at a street corner magazine shop, but did you actually pick up one of these gossip magazines and sneak a peak? 

Yeah, you did… Don’t lie!

Sadly, you were probably so embarrassed for digging your nose in one of those magazines that you don’t remember exactly what the celebrity’s (who was getting married at the time) alleged tricks were/are.


Let’s run through (ha! See what I did there?) a few celebrities and how they got even more HYPER-FOCUSED on working out to get in EVEN BETTER SHAPE for their nuptual…

Kate Middleton: Everyone was obsessed with Kate prior to walking down the aisle. Wait, everyone still IS obsessed with her. I myself… Am not, but that doesn’t mean I can ignore her actually rather healthy routine to kick off some pounds (that she really didn’t need to).

  • Kates performs cardiovascular exercise such as biking and rowing as well as high interval training (walking for two minutes and running for one, and continuing to do that for 30 to 60 minutes). This chick has always been rather active, which only helped her look taut in her gown.
  • It was rumored that Kate was on the Dukan Diet, a four-phase high protein-based diet, where you don’t have to measure your food or count calories. Kate was probably running to the toilet every five minutes, because this diet requires LOTS of water.

Jennifer Aniston: Okay so this chick is perfect. Not quite sure how she can enhance her already healthy life style to make herself look EVEN BETTER… But apparently she is…

  • Doing a lot of downward dog and warrior (aka: yoga), running on the treadmill like a maniac (she’s a maniac… maniac!) and attending spinning classes where she can channel her inner, uh, Lance Armstrong (doping too?).
  • Jen also sticks to the Zone Diet (oh snap, you would know this if you watched EPISODE TWO of GIGI EATS CELEBRITIES!) where she eats… QUIZ TIME: leave a comment below, what is the premise of the Zone Diet!  Clearly this woman has a maid living in her kitchen pantry to help her measure out the proportions of food she should be eating.

Carrie Underwood: This hoe-down hottie (LMFAO! Carrie and her husband totally do si do all the time… IN THE SACK!) married Mike Fisher in 2010. And what do you know, Carrie was voted “Best Celeb Body of 2010” by Fitness Magazine, all thanks to…

  • Lots of lunges, squats and weight training as well as cardiovascular exercise, be in on the treadmill, bike, elliptical, or a random group class like Krav Maga, every morning. Apparently she has so much more energy to take on the day after accomplishing a work out (ah! A girl after my own heart!). 
  • Carrie has also been a vegetarian for quite some time. She eats lots of vegetables, high fiber whole grains and protein rich foods such as quinoa in order to grant her the title of “best bod”. Oh and she CUT OUT SUGAR!!! See guys, it works! Cut the white powder of DEATH out of your diet!

To all you ladies who are getting married soon… It’s time to get MOVING and taking a look at what you’re eating.

I take you, Tiramisu… to be my husband…?

It might be a good idea to keep a fitness and diet journal. You can then take notes about how you feel and really evaluate if your current diet is helping or hindering your chances of achieving Kate’s bum, Jen’s guns and Carrie’s gams! 

Look at that apple bottom!

Man do I have your back right? Now you don’t have to sneakily grab a rag mag off the rack and quickly flip to the page where it screams how Kim Kardashian “slimmed down” for her… 18th wedding (?), because I will do the dirty work for you!

If you’re curious to know about anyone else’s wedding body regime, don’t be afraid to ask me… You can even create a code name in the comment section below if you really are ashamed of wanting to know, CLEARLY I AM NOT! ha ha! 

This post is dedicated to my sister Daniele who is actually getting married this Saturday, September 22! Good thing she knew all of these tips and tricks because DAMN IS SHE LOOKING FINE! 


*Amanda Bynes is NOT getting married, she has just been a firery train wreck lately. 


Comments on: "Bust a Move Brides To Be!" (10)

  1. haha…love it!

    well my regime is wake up… take my vitamins!
    • foam roller to stretch my back and my t-bands and all those little fibers in your legs hehe
    • 15 theraband exercises 3 sets each
    • breakfast – protein for me (can salmon hehe)
    • 2 hour dog walk with parents
    • 1 hour pilates session
    • lunch – protein (buffalo burger)
    • dinner – protein and carbs (fish and mom’s veggie stirfry: cabbage (red and green), aparagus, spinach, mushrooms and leeks!!)

    how’s that for a pre wedding routine??
    I feel great hehe 🙂
    see you soon!
    love you so much

    • SURS – we think a like! 🙂 I think I need the foam roller RIGHT NOW for my neck and head – this headache seriously WONT go away! I think I am far to tense in my shoulders right now 😦 A massage could help???

      And thank you sissy-poo for sharing your daily plan – could inspire others who read up on celebrities fool-proof plans!!

      (PS: At the airport now!)

  2. Rocco said:

    I’m never going to wear a dress, unless large sums of are money involved. It seems Miss Bynes is suffering from a little arrested development, many child stars find it hard to adjust to adult life not having had the chance to experiment or explore thru their adolecent years. My favorite actress Miss Mila has proven it can be done, if you are focused in life. Come on GiGi let the cat out of the bag, who’s the lucky man ??
    By the way ladies try some SealFit exercises from SealFit.com, scale them your whole body will thank you (and your future hubby) 🙂

    • LOL!! Definitely don’t expect you to wear a dress, don’t worry!! I do like me some Mila, but in terms of girl crushes I think I have one on Blake Lively! 😛

      Oh and no cat to let out of the bag, this post is for my sister, she’s getting married this weekend! 🙂 I myself have yet to find that man, but that’s okay, in the mean time, I will just fill up on some celebrities!

      I will definitely check out SealFit.com – seems like it’s a tough-ass work out!

  3. I got married in Jamaica. If it had been now, I would totally plan on some beach burpee-ing to celebrate the occasion. And yep, I do read those gawwwsip mags. Uh-uh

  4. J Aniston is SUCH A BABE!! Man I never wanted to be a mans tie so bad. Sheesh!! I will not be married for a long time, but when that day comes..I plan to be a tight little hunny shakin my thang on the dance floor with NO jello legs! Congrats to your sister!

    • DUDE I HAVE A GINORMOUS girl crush on J-Aniston! Slightly JEALOUS of Justin!!! Ha ha! If only I can look 1/2 as hot as Jen when I’m in my 40s! Working on it. LOL!

      When you get married I wanna be invited! LOL. I will wear Lululemon and we can go running before you walk down the aisle!!

  5. Haha, cute post! I love your sense of humor!

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