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Liquid Salads

I recently discovered a bag of salad greens that must have thought it was playing hide and seek with me (spinach is quite the ace at hiding in my fridge apparently) because when I checked out the “use by” date, let’s just say it was… past its prime.

RAUNCHY! The sell by date says NOVEMBER 2011!

The leaves resembled something that might come out of a cow’s ass and you know what? When I opened the bag (yeah, not too sure WHY I did that), it brought me back to my youth when I used to shovel shit at the ranch I worked at every summer.

Definitely as FUN as it looks! Hey look, she’s from Wyoming too! (No, we are not related)

Well a few days ago when I opened my first bottle of Pressed Juicery, my nose had quite the deja vu of the manure field.

Whoa! Climbing to the top of that mountain takes more oxygen than climbing Mount Everest!

In Pressed Juicery‘s defense, I really think I just ordered poorly. You see, I selected Greens 1 which is full of kale, spinach, romaine, parsley, cucumber and celery. Eating chalk sounds better than slurping down that. When I tried my friend’s Greens 3 though… 

I went from… 


Wait, maybe I am just happy to ORDER SOME REAL FOOD!?

Clearly adding apple, lemon and ginger MAKE QUITE THE MOUTH PLEASING DIFFERENCE! 

Pressed Juicery Greens 3

But wait, why did I put myself through this liquid roughage torture?

Well, I mean, all the celebrities are drinking it, so I had to see what the fuss was all about. (Read that line in a sarcastic tone please) 

Nicole Richie, Rooney Mara, Zooey Deschanel, Gwen Stefani, Minka Kelly… the laundry list of celebrity names could continue (but that reminds me, I have to do laundry); they’re all obsessed with these liquid salads! Some even go to the extreme of ONLY drinking the juice for a few days to lose weight. 

While solely drinking these bottles of vegetables is definitely NOT recommended AT ALL… These juices are actually quite healthy and make the perfect in between meal snacks or a great way to down some veggies quickly. 

The only problem with these drinks is that they lack fiber. And we all know fiber… is what makes you… well, you know! That’s why I say these are good as snacks, but not great as meal replacements, so do yourself a favor and continue to eat your balanced meals throughout the day. 

So why exactly are these celebrities obsessed with downing mixtures including beet, carrot, kale, spinach, romaine, parsley, cucumber and celery? Vegetables are full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants known to rev energy levels, clear skin, reduce inflammation in the body and oh so much more! 

So yes, this fad may actually be a good one, just as long as you follow it appropriately, IE: you keep eating your healthy balanced meals.

As for me, the fact that half of my Greens 1 bottle is still in my refrigerator is a pretty good indication that I will just stick with real salads! 

My favorite salad on the FACE of the planet! Salad Nicoise – This would actually taste BOMB if it was “pressed”!


Comments on: "Liquid Salads" (16)

  1. Rocco said:

    I’m a daily shopper, nothing lasts long enough in my house to go bad. As for the liquid or pressed salads, I’ll save them for when I take my teeth out before I go to bed. I LIKE CHEWING 🙂 Great post, well written and informative.

    • COMPLETELY agreed!! I LOVE chewing, in fact, I like it too much, ha ha ha! Have you ever tried nicoise salad? It’s absolutely amazing and worth every chew! 🙂 I hope when we’re older we can install bionic teeth so we will always be able to eat, lol. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  2. anonymous said:

    I wish I could do a cleanse of this liquid diet!!! It might help me clean out my entire system and intestines, but im a cow and can’t go a day without foood 😦 but I sure am going to drink one a day and get it from the wholefoods store.

    • Rocco said:

      Hey anonymous, why don’t you try eating a little every 1.5 – 2 hours fresh vegatables, sliced turkey etc along with your shake, even better ask GiGi she has far more knowledge then I.

      • anonymous said:

        Thank You Rocco and yes your right maybe I can try doing that instead of eating KFC. GiGI IS AMAZING and so are her BLOGS, always useful.

      • Please FORGO the KFC…. You know… I just came up with what KFC really means… Kangaroos F*** Cows. LMFAO! Okay, that made no sense at all!

      • Exactly! These vegetable juices are meant to be part of a balanced diet… Having one of these drinks with some turkey is an ideal snack and will certainly hold you over until your next meal 🙂

    • Oh no, I am not telling anyone to drink these drinks without eating, they’re good as in between meal snacks but that’s IT!!! Eating whole healthy foods is the best approach! 🙂

  3. anonymous said:

    I love your advice Gigi! I am definitely going to do that. NO MORE KFC and HELLO GREEN DRINK.

  4. Bahahaha I cannot see you shoveling shit…or well..maybe I can. This juice sounds awesome..but yes..no ruffage from the skins means NO fiber..which means NO BUENO!! I’m glad you were able to say goodbye to your stink face and get some yummay juice!

    • Oh you better close your eyes and picture me playing around in a pile of shit, because that was my life not too long ago… Uh, okay, maybe like 12 years ago, but still… Time flies when you’re having fun? LOL!!! I think you need to put shit-play on your bucket list!

  5. Have been meaning to comment on this post since I love juicing! 🙂 While I totally agree that juices alone aren’t a healthy diet, I think it’s a great way to jump start healthy eating or detox the body. For vegans like me (or those who want to get the want to cleanse the body of meat & dairy for a few days) I recommend a handful of nuts, an apple with almond butter, fresh veggies with hummus or a side salad w/ organic tofu with each juice. I also sometime blend vegan protein powder into my juice-Vega is a good one. (Though it doesnt taste as good that way). I did this juice cleanse for like 5 days & my hair & nails grew so much it was crazy!! xoxo, America’s Tweetheart

    • WAHOO! 🙂 My vegan girl input, I LOVE IT! Have you ever tried Rice Bran Protein or Pea Protein? Love that stuff, and 100% VEGAN approved! 🙂 My favorite pea protein is made by Olympian Labs, vanilla is to die for, serious business! If you can, find it and throw that in your next blended fruit/veggie drink! Now that’s a MEAL 🙂

      • Yep-the one I use, Vega, is made with brown rice protein, pea protein & hemp protein I believe. It works great in smoothies, just not so great in the veggie juice haha! (It is also quite pricey!) Will look out for the Olympian labs one, thanks! 🙂

  6. I got a juicer as a gift a few years ago and used to juice quite regularly. Green juice with spinach, cucumbers, apple, and lemon is one of my favorites. I’ll have to juice again!

    • I need to try juicing myself because I think I would like it most thick as opposed to just plain liquid… Plus when you don’t throw out the pulp, you get much for fiber! 🙂

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