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Indecent Exposure.

X-Rated Displays.

Salacious Exhibition.

Pant-less in a Public Setting.

These are problems/issues that have plagued American society for years. I must apologize in advance for this tangent, but this issue was brought to my attention while idling in Los Angeles traffic, by a rather astute gentleman, who most certainly wears pants, my brother. When moving through traffic that moves about as slow as lava flowing up hill, you need something to talk about or else you will go crazy! In this case though the traffic only granted my brother extreme clarity.

In our conversation we discussed how cartoons regularly seem to defy our country’s “put some pants on in public” law and consistently get away with it!  I have never once seen Tony the Tiger or Baloo from the Jungle Book get tackled and tasered by police due to their lack of trousers.

Why can’t I NOT wear pants in public?! I can barely begin to fathom how much time I have wasted trying to select the best ass-hugging pants to wear. 

The image these cartoons, I’m looking at you Daffy Duck, are portraying to children (and some “adults”) is sick!


Celebrities such as Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj, have been heavily influenced by these pants-less cartoons. Have you seen the outfits they wear in public? It’s like they hired Bugs Bunny or Garfield as their stylists.

If this continues, it will only get worse. The youth of America are easily persuadable and these cartoons only reinforced the notion that being bottomless in public is A.OK.

Honestly though, with obesity rates so high in America these days, I don’t think anyone would want to see their neighbors, pant-less, strutting his or her stuff through the produce section at the grocery store. Think about it! For every one person that you wouldn’t mind seeing, there are nine that you most definitely do not want to see!

You’re lucky I could CROP this photo!

These cartoons must PUT SOME PANTS ON, even leggings will do! It is an outrage that no one is talking about it!

I am frankly shocked that this has yet to be debated by President Obama or his Republican challenger Mitt Romney. Hopefully, in one of the upcoming debates.

Below is a slide show of the guilty parties:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Really Peter… Common Brian, did you NOT just read what I said?!


Comments on: "Donald Duck, It’s Time To Put Your Pants On" (9)

  1. blissfulbritt said:

    I think you should have left Jack uncropped. He’s one large piece of man meat. Does this mean I have to wear underwear in public too? Because I like to just go all the way without pants.

    • There are rules and regulations for being allowed to go pantless in public. Since you run and are actively trying to be healthy, you are allowed to walk around with no pants on. On the other hand, Jack… he clearly doesn’t run, could give a shit about his health… SO HE MUST wear PANTS!!!! As for not wearing underwear, if you keep your pants on, shit, the rules don’t care what goes on underneath! LOL!

      • Guess what guess whaaaaattt!! I totally thought of you when I was coloring my DLAND coloring book on the airplane into your state. There was a photo of Donald duck and he of course was pant-less..so I colored him for you. I should have given him pants..oops..too late.

      • LMFAO! I just peed in MY PANTS a little bit!!!! I am THRILLED you thought of me! Every time I see vegetables I think of you, my little vegetarian friend 😛 Oh and when I see people running, I think of you two. LOL!! Uh, wait, are you creeped out now? LMFAO! Oh and no need to draw pants on Donald, I’ve come to the conclusion that… He likes to let it ALL hang out!

        (PS: if you venture to Hollywood TOMORROW – let me know!! WOO WOO!)

  2. But, Gigi, they’re animals and animals don’t wear pants unless they’re owned by some delusional dilettante who thinks Fifi is a surrogate child or dress-up doll where they wrap them in lil diamond collars, pink bows and Versace jackets. Bleah. Let animals be animals. And besides, those toons have no genitalia. Hence they’re really not exposing anything. 😀

  3. These are some scandalous cartoons

  4. you are hysterical!!! I think the world appreciates that I wear pants 🙂 For now at least!

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