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Paris Hilton has never really done anything intelligent… 

One Night in Paris

Her collection of books 

Jail time for her stack of DUIs

House Of Wax 

My New BFF” and “The World According to Paris


(I could keep going, but you get the picture)

So what makes people think her diet is anything but dense?

Check out what Paris does/did in order to keep her booty in sex tape shape!

Mmm… Scrumptious! GiGi Eats Celebrities!

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Take a gander at what I really think the ideal diet and exercise plan is.

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Comments on: "How About A Stroke?" (9)

  1. I cannot believe that woman is still walking around if that is what she is downing! Great post.

  2. anonymous said:

    She seriously does that, omg, i’m surprised shes not the walking dead. But, I sure want to try those red balls.

  3. wait… was that Red Bull or Red Ballz? I had the volume kinda low. O_0

    • Ha Ha, I say RED BALLZ cause I didn’t want Red Bull to get mad at me… if they ever saw the video, LMFAO! I have such high expectations for my videos, right? LOL

  4. […] Are my meals good for my metabolism? Asked: Are my meals good for my metabolism?I'm trying to get a good metabolism and flat abs.I'm a vegetarian.For breakfast I sometimes have fiber one. Should I add skim milk OR extra virgin olive oil and cinnamon, or I could just keep it plain?? I also have some fat free toolkit very vanilla yogurt, is this a good choice? Other times I have a whole wheat English muffin with olive oil and cinnamon. Is this a good choice, or should I switch to having it with almond butter OR organic peanut butter? Or should I ditch the English muffin? I also always have fruit with my breakfast. And sometimes almonds, but those are usually my snack. Sometimes I put flaxseeds on my English muffin too. For lunch I've been having a tuna salad with extra virgin olive oil, cayenne pepper, and basil. With fruit! But I also have organic tomato basil soup and black bean soup (i think thats organic too) Both are very low fat. Are these good choices? and which is better for me, the tuna salad or soup? Or does anybody have a better lunch suggestion? For dinner I always have vegetables with my meal, which is fish a lot, or some kind of whole wheat pasta. I try to make sure my meals are always pretty healthy. Does anyone have any good recipes for me that could boost my metabolism and help me get flat abs?Answers: Answered:Ah…. vegetarians do not eat fish. I would suggest a bit of education…. flat abs do not come from eating… they come from working out. And… you NEED protein to get good muscles. Geez… you are a "carb" consumer…. whole wheat muffins, yogurt ( has sugar).Sorry, but you need to educate yourself on just what correct eating is, which nutrients you need to build muscle, and you need the EXERCISES!!!!!!Flat abs take work…. not just eating a vegetarian diet. Answered:You should eat mostly fruit for dinner, do NOT eat pasta unless you work out after it. Also if you are not exercising and want flat abs, you should start. And just a question, vegetarians dont eat animals right? If fish a plant? Answered:Everything is good except your breakfast.The foods you are eating are ok, but you are allowed to eat more and better foods for breakfast.Since the body has not been fed all night, it needs food early in the morning.You could even eat a breakfast steak, two eggs, toast and it would be a good thing.How about:Instant oatmeal and toast.Or eggs, ham, toast.Yes, yogurt is good too.You need a vitamin-mineral.Teenagers need 4 each 8oz glass of milk per day.Adults need one.1% and 2% is fine.I applaud you for your dedication. Answered:You need protein at every meal and your breakfast doesn't sound as if it contains any! Whole Grain bread is a good start, because it contains FIBER but it doesn't contain the protein that you need. You say you're a vegetarian but eat fish, does this mean you eat eggs as well? If so, then you should try and include an egg or two with your morning breakfast. You could even have egg whites with cinnamon and olive oil on top of your English Muffin (whole grain, no added sugar, more than 3 grams of fiber per serving)Do you make your lunch tuna salad or do you get it premade? If you make it with olive oil, cayenne pepper and basil, then WELL DONE! Add a little spinach in there and BAM! Perfect! What type of fruit are you eating? Try and stick with low-sugar fruits… no bananas or melons! The soup options are ALRIGHT but sometimes soup cans have added ingredients that are really not necessary and are full of salt. The tuna would be a better bet and you can always make it with salmon or sardines or mackerel as well. Oh and shrimp and scallops are definitely other good sources of protein and since you eat fish and seafood, jump on it! Whole wheat pasta is… OKAY but you should try and SUB 1/2 the pasta with spaghetti squash which looks just like spaghetti, I personally LOVE IT! And then you can mix in chopped asparagus, tomatoes, garlic and olive oil and top it all with a fish fillet of your choice, salmon rocks… ha ha! If you want flat abs this is a good start but don't go CRAZY with the whole wheat foods, as for vegetables and fish, go nuts! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3_6gM3GLzhttp://gigieatscelebrities.com/2012/07/2http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3_6gM3GLzhttp://gigieatscelebrities.com/2012/07/2Got a better answer? Share it below! Amazon.com WidgetsRelated posts:What are some good vegetarian meals?Good Vegetarian Meals?What are some quick and easy vegetarian meals/recipes?Where can I find recipes for healthy, simple meals?Please some recipes for simple vegetarian meals? […]

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