A weekly feast of celebrity diets with a side of fitness trends

How many of you watch the Food Network Channel and feel as though your waistline expands two sizes in those thirty delicious minutes?

Trust me, I am right there with you, especially when Giada sprinkles hazelnuts over her freshly churned chocolate-hazelnut gelato and when Duff applies the finishing touches to one of his masterful cakes.

While you may rush to the bathroom scale after your favorite Food TV show (ahem… The Next Food Network Star) to convince yourself that you cannot absorb calories through the TV screen (although I do believe Emeril Lagasse is working on “smell-a-vision”) one might wonder how some of these celebrity chefs keep the pounds in the freezer.

Clearly we all know Paula Deen had a kinky love affair with a few too many sticks of butter…

…but she has since gone to lard rehab and lost thirty pounds in the process!

If you didn’t pick up the Health Magazine with Giada De Laurentiis on the cover, then you missed out on her “skinny tip”… Well you’re in luck because I have the, slightly annoying (because there are NO fancy tricks involved), trick she uses so she can button up her pants.

“I eat a little bit of everything and not a lot of anything. Everything in moderation.”

Giada also hikes, does yoga and paddle boards on a regular basis. Oh and she’s a nut lover (gutter mind returns!). She noshes on almonds when she needs a snack.

You may have noticed (or maybe not) that Alton Brown has lost weight over the past few years, 50 pounds to be exact!

Alton created four “food lists,” such as, “Foods to Eat Daily”, “Foods to Eat Three Times a Week”, “Foods to Eat Once a Week” and “Foods to Avoid at all Times”. To see these lists (that I completely approve of, Go Alton!) check them out here.

The “grill master” Bobby Flay even watches his figure.

He credits Iron Chef America for his tight buns (ah ha, see what I did there – buns, hamburger buns… Ok I am a loser) because he apparently runs around kitchen stadium like kids playing tag on the playground. Okay, okay, he also goes running outdoors almost every morning and takes a chapter from Giada’s book by eating food in moderation too.


Are you wondering why I didn’t detail the diet tips of say… Guy Fieri? Well maybe this will answer your question!


Alright, enough about healthy eating… The Next Food Network Star finale is July 22nd!! It’s TIME TO EXERCISE YOUR RIGHT TO VOTE: Who are you rooting for!?Β 

Don’t forget, Thursday a new GiGi Eats Groceries video debuts!


Comments on: "Body A La Food Network" (8)

  1. Love it! I’m definitely going to share Alton’s list on my FB page! THanks for the link!

    • Not a problem!! Hope it helps you! πŸ™‚ Alton definitely has the right approach and after watching this season’s Next Food Network Star I am definitely more of an Alton fan than I ever was before!

  2. I’m with Giada, except I still eat a lot of certain things..but I run..she doesn’t. So it’s ok.

  3. I can’t be on Team Alton simply because his voice makes me insane. I also think some of that weight loss was HAIR. I totally down withe Team Giada because…um…well, she makes the thought of watching The Food Network seem almost worth it! πŸ™‚

  4. Hmm, I’m not a food network watcher, but only because I watch so little television! They do play it in my bank, so I’ve caught little bits and pieces, here and there. Have to say, they always make me feel hungry and I’m amazed (with how decadent some of the recipes seem) that the chefs aren’t ginormous!

    • Well we cannot say that ALL of the Food network chefs are pin thin, cough, Paula, cough, LOL! But… I do give a lot of them credit for not scarfing down their baked goods all the time! πŸ˜‰

      Oh and I don’t watch TV either… But I do watch HULU! LOL

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