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I’m not sure if you are all aware but… the Super Bowl is this Sunday.

Take a minute to snap out of your shock.

In honor of the chicken wing “man-oliday” (yes, ladies I understand some of you may like watching that pig skin being thrown around, but I am generalizing here), I decided to showcase my own fantasy football team… “celeb-ville” style.

Quarter Back: Madonna (Have you seen her pythons!?)

Wide Receiver: George Clooney (Because he is just such a catch.)

Center: Jenna Jameson (I heard she likes things between her legs!)

Tackle: Vin Diesel (Nuff’ said)

Guard: Britney Spears‘ father, Jamie Spears (Well, he is doing a fabulous job of guarding his daughter!)

Tight End: David Beckham (His latest underwear commercial confirmed his position on the field.)

Full Back: Khloe Kardashian (This position needs someone bigger… and hey, she’s the giant of the Kardashian clan.)

Half Back: Meryl Streep (She is one of the most convincing actresses out there. No doubt that she will be able to pull this role off too!)

Linebacker: Kim Kardashian (Because these sisters always seem to come in pairs, and imagine Kim squatting on the field…)

Kicker: Giselle Bundchen (Even if she can’t kick the ball, her gams will distract the other team!)

Punter: Neil Patrick Harris (Doogie Howser wants to prove that he is not just the school nerd…)

Who would be on your dream team and why?

Oh I am sorry; were you drooling for some healthy tips and tricks to curb you from spiking your diet like the football on the field this Sunday? Well I’ve got your back like a defensive line man! Check it out!


Comments on: "Pig Skin Dream Team" (4)

  1. Anonymous Super Fan said:

    You are sooooooooooooooooooooo funny, I love these blogs. They are amazeballs!! Can’t wait for its launch.

  2. Teeeeheee so funny, GiGi!!

    I would much rather see this lineup than the actual one! 🙂 Just put up my Pop Tweets superbowl show too!

    Americas Tweetheart

  3. You are a riot, GiGi! So glad I found your blog! Do you do other celebrity line-ups?

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