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Sloppy Glamour

“So we meet again…”

Ah yes, it’s every celebrities least favorite time of year; the time when they “must” get up close and personal with some brown-ish green concoctions that rival the look of sewage.

Oh how glamorous award season truly is!

Why oh why is guzzling down vomit-like substances the preached “cure” to ridding excess body fat?

Well, because these detox fad diet book covers all seem to scream, “lose 21 in 21,” and “flat abs in minutes”.

And since everyone, even celebrities, cannot resist a quick fix, they seem to fall for these gimmicks and… wind up slurping down glops of pureed who knows what, only to feel as if their stomach is eating their own internal organs because it’s so pissed off that it’s not getting real food.

I hate it break it to you, but you should listen to your cranky stomach and chuck that mushy once orange and now slightly blue lumpy mixture down the garbage disposal (not the drain, you might need a plumber to unclog it… that could have been YOUR THROAT).

Celebrities may publicize their excruciating tactics to fit into their size negative 10 Versace dresses or Dolce & Gabbanna suits but adopting a lot of diet tactics from “celeb-ville” is about as smart as a chicken with it’s head cut off.

So instead of choking down something you might find in a pig’s trough, why not nosh on whole foods like fruits, vegetables and lean protein. Now that’s an award winning concept! 


Comments on: "Sloppy Glamour" (5)

  1. My sentiments exactly!!!

  2. Definitely words of wisdom here!

  3. I did a detox recently that was more of an elimination diet than a true celeb detox – no green sludge was involved, although there was a nasty protein shake to get down a few times a day. It was embarrassing to even say the word detox to people, I found, I think because they automatically assumed I was doing a lemon juice/cayenne pepper/maple syrup cleanse or something equally wacky. I can now say I’ve tried it once & not have to do it again.

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