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Grill the Video

And the award for “doofiest workout video cover” goes to…



“Thank you, thank you! I couldn’t have done it without my caked on make up and Jenny, Molly and the rest of the gang’s plastered on smiles and photo-shopped bodies!”

Oh George, this is straight up embarrassing. Did you really OKAY this cover? And who on earth was the wardrobe artist? I certainly hope he or she was black-balled from the stylist realm because those pants hardly scream, “get a tight tushie, stat!” Looks like before he or she was exiled, he or she set out the wardrobe for Heather Locklear‘s “Your Personal Workout”.

While your grills are fabulous and are kitchen staples, your work out videos are most likely staples in… the video store that just went under.

Going beyond the cover, reviews have noted that your work outs are far too easy, marching in place, with a punch here and a jab there. Honestly though, if that’s what we’re looking for, all we have to do is watch a high school pep squad practice.

Oh my, and the music along with your words of encouragement are slightly cringe worthy. Don’t even get me started with your squats. Mesmerizing.

This video series was a good try… I guess (people do need to get up and move, 30 minutes a day, minimum), so thanks for clogging the “infomercial” section of Target with your half-smile and thumbs ups; but how is anyone suppose to get motivated by a guy who doesn’t exactly look trim and fit himself?

Sadly, even though you were a “heavyweight champion,” you didn’t really knock us out with these videos Georgie, can I call you that?

However, your grills are… punch someone out-of-the-way, awesome!

(Must get George Foreman G-Broil Supreme!)

So should you enter “George’s Gym”? You’re better off going to Equinox and pretending you know what you’re doing in the weight room jungle.

Look at that juicy steak strolling along!


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  1. LOve the Forman Grill love me some George Forman He’s so cute!

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