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Oh it’s Thanksgiving all over again! Time to start carving this 24 pound turkey (aka: webisodes)! It’s going to be tempting not to rip the wing off and suck all that delicious meat right off the bone! But just like all of you, I am going to have to wait until February 21, 2012 before I can really sink my teeth into this feast!

Start preparing!



Well hello there… little do you know… you will be feeding loads of people VERY soon!



Oh look at you, you delicious, succulent, juicy hunk of love!


Comments on: "The carving begins" (2)

  1. Prince Gashon said:

    How i wish am there with you to celebrate with that turkey, i really missed the taste of it but still i wish you all the best. Don’t like me catch you at the Dentist.

  2. I congratulate, you were visited with simply brilliant idea

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