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You have all probably seen magazine, online and newspaper headlines boasting predictions about what 2012 may bring. While they’re all starting to get rather annoying, I couldn’t help but succumb to the annual tradition.

So here are my downright intelligent predictions for the diet and fitness trends that are going to BLOW UP in “Celeb-ville” in 2012!

  • Treadmills or Stationary Bikes built into Cars (yes celebrities do drive). With all that extra time caught in traffic, why not put the buns to work. Booty buns, not cinnamon buns. Hey, if this actually happens, a lot more jobs will be created because there will be a surplus need for police and EMTs will all the car accidents.
  • Another all juice cleanse, because what year has their not been a new exotic fruit discovery? Behold the Brangolosteen!
  • The Homer Simpson Diet. All donuts, all the time. More glaze, the better. Dunkin’ Donuts stock is going to go through the roof. BUY! BUY! BUY!

  • The Bone Diet. Gnawing on bones is no longer just for dogs! Mmm, bone marrow.
  • The High Heel Diet. Sorry guys, you’re going to have to find another diet, unless of course you do rock the pumps! Ladies, listen up. The higher the heel you wear, the more food and more meals you can eat in a day. Example: you rock 4-inch heels, you can eat four foods and eat them four times a day in four-ounce portions! Lady GaGa will certainly be able to eat a ton in 2012!
  • Microwaves in your car. Nix that, a stove and oven in your car… because microwave meals are not healthy! Wait, you need to keep your eye on the road so how about Rachel Ray in your car. 30-minute meals just got a whole new meaning.
  • Desk-mills. Celebrities don’t work desk jobs, but these days everyone needs to sit at a desk at some point. Sitting = extra ass fat. Walking = a toned badonkadonk!
  • The Imagination Diet. Close your eyes and envision sinking your teeth into oozing cheese, a thick buttery, flaky crust, acidic tomato sauce and salty pepperoni. Open your eyes. Are you full? If not, close them and… “eat” more! No food is off limits!
  • The Horse Meat Diet. Men, want to look like a stallion? Ladies, want to have long gams like a mare? Well with the ban on slaughtering horses quietly being lifted, horse meat may be found on many personal chef and celebrity infested restaurant menus in 2012. You are what you eat after all. (Hm, if that were the case everyone would have quite the jawline).

  • The Spicy Sauna. This doesn’t have anything to do with celebrities getting down and dirty with their significant others in a sweaty sauna, although I am sure that will happen more than a few times this year. Instead this diet entails celebrities to only eat spicy foods in saunas so they can sweat even more, thus lose excess water weight. I see Michelle Williams and Keira Knightley sharing some Chicken Vindaloo at the Four Seasons, Beverly Hills Spa prior to the Oscars this year!
  • The Seed Diet. Not all celebrities are carnivores so this diet is catered to the Pam Andersons and Alicia Silverstones of the world. Load your trap full of hemp, flax, sesame, sunflower, chia, poppy and all the other seeds on the market. Guaranteed to make you feel a bit seedy.

Well there you have it, my predictions of what diet and fitness trends may come in 2012! Get ready for a hot pepper shortage, more car accidents, ladies (and maybe some men) wearing EXTRA high heels and meals featuring Black Beauty.

Don’t forget to tune in February 21, 2012 when the real action begins.

Make a promise you can keep

“I will eat bananas for two weeks of every month for the entire year of 2012.”

“I will exercise for 8 hours a day and only eat a leaf of lettuce.”

“Smooth Move and I will be the best of friends for 2012.”

“My goal is to get a few ribs taken out, hey I heard Cher did it and have you seen her!”

New Year’s Resolutions. What a cliche.

We make them though… even if we tell people we don’t do such nonsense. Eat better, exercise more, live every day to the fullest, but what if you just want to lounge around the house eating bon bons and not lift a finger?

Yeah, that’s really not something you should be doing every day, but lets face it, those resolutions are going to crash and burn before you can say Kraft Macaroni & Cheese.

Instead of getting angry that you couldn’t resist buying four pints of cookie dough ice cream (yeah, yeah, they were on sale… WALK ON BY!) you should think about maybe tweaking your lifestyle a tiny bit to make it a little healthier (a celery stalk anyone?).

Oh and you don’t need a new year to do this either.

Of course celebrities make these “promises” too and it’s actually a lot worse for them because when they voice their intentions, it’s pretty hysterical when they break them…

Be on the look out this year to see which of these celebrities actually make it without breaking their pacts!

  • Jennifer Hudson: “My goals for 2012 are simple — continue to live a healthy lifestyle by eating nutritious foods and exercising regularly. The tools and support that the Weight Watchers PointsPlus program provides has helped me do that, and has given me the opportunity to really make a difference. I am a true advocate for living a healthy lifestyle, and I hope to set an example that inspires others to make the same changes that I did. If I can do it, anyone can!”
  • Samantha Harris: I hope to find a way to get to bed earlier so that I can spring up with more energy each morning when my kids wake up. I also want to be better with taking weekend walks with my husband and our girls.”
  • Melania Trump: “I want to have fun while working out. I love to play tennis but sometimes my schedule doesn’t allow it, so I’ve started to run on the treadmill instead to catch up on the news. I also want to maintain my healthy diet. My most recent healthy obsession is to make myself an energy-boosting smoothie in the morning. I mix banana, ground flax seeds, liquid omega-3, vitamin D, lemon, fat-free yogurt, and orange juice to start the day off right and fill me up.”
  • Paula Deen: “I’m just going to take the vitamins my doctor tells me to and save the sugary ones for dessert.”
  • Jack Black: “I’m gonna drop fitty lbs how many quarter-pounders with cheeses is that?” He plans to do “push-ups, sit-ups, and a strict diet of…. raisins.”
  • Travis McCoy: “My New Year’s resolution is to quit smoking … it’s a very dirty, filthy habit,” he said. “But not [only] is it my New Year’s resolution to quit, but it’s also my New Year’s resolution to get my friends to quit as well.”

What resolutions have you “not” made? And what resolutions do you think some celebrities should make (ahem: Lindsey Lohan)?

I know a resolution you should make… tune in to GiGi Eats Celebrities February 21, 2012 and tell everyone you know about it too… shameless promotion, yes!

Rosie, Tom, Meryl & Neil Cooking Up Some Holiday Love

Wait, what?

Celebrities actually cook? Since when?

While whether or not Tom Cruise or Rosie O’Donnell are stirring up a batch of brownies or roasting a chicken (maybe even together!) is up for debate, web sites and magazines always write articles denoting how celebs are known for an “oh so scrumptious” holiday dish that the rest of “us” MUST try.

Well thank you, Richard Florczak, Jewels Elmore, Steven Lecchi, Sevan Azarian, Gary Robins… and all you other celebrity personal chefs out there, for concocting such tantalizing recipes.

Tom, where are your manners! Eating with your hands… common!

Lets have a look-see at what these bad-ass chefs, oh excuse me, celebrities have conjured up.

Rain, shine, hair in foils, getting a massage, we all have to eat!

Bear in mind that these recipes are NOT very healthy (thanks guys for promoting unhealthy eating habits)… but since celebrities do make these dishes, doesn’t that mean they don’t have any calories!?



Mmm scrumptious. GiGi Eats Celebrities.


The carving begins

Oh it’s Thanksgiving all over again! Time to start carving this 24 pound turkey (aka: webisodes)! It’s going to be tempting not to rip the wing off and suck all that delicious meat right off the bone! But just like all of you, I am going to have to wait until February 21, 2012 before I can really sink my teeth into this feast!

Start preparing!



Well hello there… little do you know… you will be feeding loads of people VERY soon!



Oh look at you, you delicious, succulent, juicy hunk of love!


The Launch!

Salivating yet?

Delicious Day #2

Yesterday was a fabulously… long… day of filming! It was hysterical though.

Cabbage, maple syrup, laxatives, sewagedon’t want to give too much away, but they all made their way onto the set yesterday!

Grab your fork and steak knife, because GiGi Eats Celebrities is going to be a huge feast! Spread the word!


February 2012!


Shoot Day # 3 = December 12th!