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Another clue…

SO WHO IS STILL RIDICULOUSLY curious about what GiGi Eats Celebrities is??

Well, MINI spoiler alert: it’s going to be a VIDEO BLOG… So get ready for some crazy shenanigans to ensue! Seriously. Just imagine… Victoria Beckham, Stripping, Bacon, A Stripper Pole, Jennifer Aniston, Cabbage and Mathematics.

Drip some of that grease on a stripper pole

Martha Stewart and Elephant Penis

Wow, what a visual… you will certainly be getting a lot of visuals this January when GiGi Eats Celebrities LAUNCHES! Can you handle this?

90 Bottles of Beer on the Wall…

Actually, no, no beer here… but a VIDEO FOR YOU!

The Countdown Continues!

You certainly won’t be able to control my mouth in… 91 days!


Take the poll in the previous post… to try and figure out what this is all about! You will certainly be STARVING in 91 days, that’s for sure. I know I am already dreaming about bacon in bikinis…



Start Your Counting!

Something big will be happening here in T – 92 days!